Bitcoin Showing Record Volume Levels 3/2020

Bitcoin Hits Record Volume on Coinbase After Coronavirus Crash

The Bitcoin 4 Day chart is showing record amounts of volume on Coinbase Pro following a huge price crash as financial markets across the globe see record losses during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. The volume measurements register higher than the infamous 2017 Bull run and most recent 2018 Bull Runs at their respective peaks. This says a lot of Bitcoin buyers are interested in the…

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Basic Attention Token Trade Setup 2/11/2020

Basic Attention Token 2/10/2020 Technical Analysis with Trade Setup

Monthly Chart Using basic horizontal support/resistance in combination with fibonacci extension and retracement tools, I’ve determined these levels to be significant for Basic Attention Token, taking all market history into account. $0.11 – December 2018 Lows $0.17 – September 2019 Lows $0.38 – April 2019 Highs $0.50 – January 2018 Monthly Close Basic Attention Token is currently at a significant resistance point at $0.28 with…

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