Technical Analysis Crash Course: Volume

TA Crash Course: Volume

Volume is an important technical indicator that should be used on every price chart. The volume indicator represents the total trading activity for a specified time period, meaning how many actual units of an instrument have been exchanged. This information is usually represented by vertical columns at the bottom of the chart. Higher volume bars mean trading activity was heavier for the particular time period,…

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Moving Averages Crash Course: How to identify market trends and price reversals

TA Crash Course: Moving Averages

Moving averages are some of the most fundamental and versatile of all indicators used for technical analysis. The purpose of a moving average is to identify or signal that a new trend has begun or that an existing trend has reversed. While chart patterns may be subjective and hard to follow, moving averages are precise and easy to interpret. This is what makes them so…

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Trendlines Technical Analysis Trading Crash Course

TA Crash Course: Trendlines

Unlike horizontal support and resistance, trendlines are diagonal or slanted areas of value. Trendlines do behave like support and resistance in that price action can be confined between two trendlines that form a channel. Trendlines are considered one of the most fundamental tools in technical analysis, they are easy to draw and simple to understand. Traders use trendlines to identify which direction price is moving…

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